Waverley Preparatory School & Nursery

Waverley School & Nursery

Waverley Prep School (Age 4-11 yrs)


           Pupils' high achievement owes much to their excellent attitudes to                 learning and their exemplary standards of behaviour." ISI                   



Specialist subject teaching in the Prep school ensures depth and rigour in a curriculum which goes beyond the content of the primary curriculum. Critical and creative thinking are a key part of our approach, enriching and extending understanding of all our children, particularly the most able. A variety of teaching styles, with some project based learning, and a problem solving approach provides an inclusive, but high challenge classroom for your child.

Your child will receive an exceptional grounding in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science but will also enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum with the addition of more challenging subjects such as Classics and Reasoning skills.

Working towards the 11+ entry to secondary schools and the National SATs examinations, our children have an excellent academic record, leading to successful entry to selective independent and grammar secondary schools. The children who move on to non-selective schools do so with confidence and a solid foundation from which to continue their studies. Our examination results are far above national average in all areas and demonstrate the exceptional progress made by all children whatever their ability and talents.