Waverley Preparatory School & Nursery

Waverley School & Nursery

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Nursery Staff List

Waverley Nursery Staff 

Head of Nursery Provision

Mrs Lianne Costello          

Assistant Nursery Manager

Miss Fiona Brown 

SENCo and EYFS Co-ordinator 

Mrs Becky Crouch

Training and Events Co-ordinator 

Miss Sophie Oliver


Nursery 1  (Rising 1's)

Third in Charge Miss Katie Myall

Nursery Educator Miss Charlotte Myall

Nursery Educator Mrs Claire Paintin - Maternity Leave

Nursery Educator  Miss Becky Norris - Maternity Leave

Nursery Educator  Mrs Amy Murphy

Assistant Educator  Miss Danielle Colvin

Nursery Educator  Miss Megan Bate 


Nursery 2 (Rising 2's)

Senior Educator/Deputy Nursery Manager Mrs Lisa Needham 

Nursery Educator Miss Sophie Ferguson

Nursery Educator Mrs Sarika Narayanan

Nursery Educator Miss Chantelle Lewis  

Nursery Educator Mrs Kimberley Nicholson - Maternity Leave

Nursery Educator Miss Steph Street

Assistant Nursery Educator Miss Louise Pullen

Assistant Nursery Educator Miss Courtney Gibbons 

Assistant Nursery Educator Miss Finleigh Overton 


Nursery 3 (Rising 3's)

Senior Educator Miss Beth Ilsley

Nursery Educator Mrs Katie Ackling

Nursery Educator Miss Judith Nyarko

Nursery Educator Miss Mary Crouch-Ewers

Nursery Educator Miss Georgia Slade

Nursery Educator Mrs Louise Ashley

Early Years Teacher Mrs Hayley Fuller


Foundation (Rising 4's)

Early Years Teacher Mrs Monica Gilbert

Early Years Teacher Miss Hannah Bennett

Senior Educator Mrs Jackie Myall

Nursery Educator  Mrs Vicky Neighbour  


Bank Staff 

Nursery Educator Mrs Pauline Pither